Have you asked your current medical waste service provider the following important questions?

DaRob Inc Medical Waste Services was incorporated February 12, 1997. DaRob is a privately owned regional service with owner’s that developed and have continuously been operating medical waste programs and facilities since 1989

DaRob has a centrally located plant in Louisville, Kentucky that services the states of Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio, West Virginia, and Tennessee. We provide both direct services for Regulated Medical Waste Generators and wholesale services for independent medical waste companies in our region.

DaRob incorporates the treatment technologies of autoclaving and incineration. We assist your facility in properly identifying, packaging and treating the waste streams that not only insure regulatory compliance, but also reduces your cost by utilizing the most economical treatment required by the waste stream being generated. Typically your waste is treated the day it arrives or by the next working day at DaRob’s Louisville facility.

The generator of the medical waste is always responsible for their waste. However, DaRob can provide you with certificates of insurance that denotes we are fully covered with workmen’s compensation, general, property, truck and pollution liability. Your medical waste provider can lessen your liabilities with this full coverage package for their handling and by expeditiously completing the treatment process for your medical waste.

DaRob can evaluate your current programs and show you how to incorporate any needed changes to cost effectively bring your facility into compliance.

For additional information, please call 877-MD-WASTE.