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Welcome to Darob, Inc. Medical Waste Services in Louisville, KY

Want to Save Money on Your Medical Waste?

Darob, Inc. Medical Waste Services is a fully insured and permitted 75- ton-per-day treatment facility located in the state of Kentucky. Darob offers affordable prices, but more importantly we offer the best services. Darob has 26 years of experience in Medical Waste treatment as well as owning, operating, and managing Medical Waste facilities. Darob’s qualifications in Medical Waste management allow us to provide depth waste stream analysis that are designed specifically for your facility. We ensure to safely handle your medical waste, while effectively disposing of the waste eliminating harmful exposure to the public and environment.

Quality assurance programs for Darob, Inc. include periodic heat resistant spore sampling to ensure efficacy. Additionally, heat indicator stips are periodically used each day on individual carts to provide continuous monitoring of waste sterilization. Medical waste requiring incineration is stored in refrigerated trailers and transported to off- site permitted incineration facilities.

Overall, Darob is a trusted, reliable Medical Waste facility that exceeds qualifications in training, handling, treating, and disposing of Medical Waste in which we meet all Federal, State, and local regulations. We would love to get your waste off of your hands for affordable prices today!

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Darob Incorporated | Medical Waste Services in Louisville, Kentucky
Darob Incorporated | Medical Waste Disposal in Louisville, Kentucky